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Indie Film: Her Side Of The Bed

Which side are you on?

A Change in Perspective Can Change Your Life

Age is merely a number.

"Appropriate Behavior" by Desiree Akhavan’s is Out Now!

See the best queer-girl movie of the year with a special edition VOD bundle, exclusive to We Are Colony.

Elena Undone – A Nicole Conn Film

Elena's life is far from perfect.

A Kiss From Your Lips

A one-take swing dance story with a twist.

The Duke of Burgundy

An erotic thriller has mixed appeal for lesbians.

Harold and Maude and Me and Alice

We invited Kate Johnston, co-director of the film Tru Love, to pen a response to Diana Simmonds’s recent LOTL critique of the film (“Murder She Wrote”).


New lesbian drama feature will fill hearts with love and hope.

Notoriety Brings Purpose and Passion for Retired Trucker

Trucker Patti Delights at Sold Out Festival Screenings

Black is Back

Set Sails with Black Sails

Yolonda Ross plays Whitney Houston’s Rumored Lover

The world premiere of Whitney is on January 17, 2015.

The Rainbow Road Trip Around the USA

Filmmaker-activist Erin Davies spreads a message of tolerance with "Fagbug Nation".

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