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Up Close With Joan As Police Woman

When she hears the name of this publication she lets out a huge laugh “because, hello, lesbians are on the loose. Yes they are!”

Book Review: Committed by Suzanne Falter

A strong relationship tested in tough times.

Free Tickets To See Bed Party Encore!

Who doesn’t love to party in bed?

7 Reasons Why Bisexuality Is Just A “Fashion”

Veteran country warbler Dolly Parton recently voiced that old (ahem, sorry, “new”) chestnut of an opinion in an interview with British newspaper The Sun - that bisexuality is just a “fashion”. Curve explains why she’s totally right…

Queer Women Of Colour Film Screening

Hosted by SheQu Group Inc!

Lessons From Three Years Of Being Proud And Out

Just over three years ago I came out as a lesbian.

24 Hours Of Feminist Content

Question: Can we binge on feminism? Discuss.

A Feast For Your Eyes And Appetite At Baia The Italian

Where delicious food and astounding views meet.

3 x Double Passes To Canned Fruit!

The only thing better than a queer party is a free one!

Princess of Thermopylae – Belinda Harrison

Ancient Greece fantasy with a definite Xena feel.

LGBTI Foster Care: Meet The Woman Who Gives Hope To Kids

Through foster and kinship care, Lisa Quinn has a long history of providing a safe, stable environment for kids in need, and now she’s encouraging other LGBTI singles and couples to follow her lead.

Russian Doll: The Ultimate Weekend Netflix and Chill Binge

A look at the Netflix hit show with co-star Rebecca Henderson.

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