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Remembering Gay Pride Week

Gay Times Are Here Again: an exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Adelaide Gay Pride Week.

2013 Rainbow Awards

Almost 400 books, more than 150 judges, all over the world, and many, many submissions, from indie publishers, from mainstream publishers and a lot of self-published authors

Extremely touched by the wonderful reception

“We received an incredible number of messages from people, both gay and straight, who were happy about the fact that a woman, who had a same-sex partner, had been chosen to lead a country at a very difficult time in its history.”

Lawfully Wedded Wives: Rethinking Marriage in the 21st Century

New book documents women’s compelling personal stories of same-sex weddings as marriage equality becomes a heralded civil rights struggle nationwide

A Celebration of Creative Couples Who Have Made History

CO_The Creative Couples Project is about contemporary couples who refuse to be pinned down to accepted roles, who defy preconceived gender, career or relationship stereotypes to live truly creative lives.

Carrie Tiffany: Be inspired

Former park ranger turned agricultural journalist, Carrie Tiffany, is also a hugely successful novelist.

Archer Magazine All For Sexual Diversity

Unlike anything the Australian media has seen before, Archer Magazine aims to capture a snapshot of Australia’s attitudes to sexual diversity in 2013.

The 2013 Melbourne Writers Festival

Between 22 August and 1 September, the power of great literature will inspire, transform and delight inquisitive minds when more than 300 of the world’s leading writers and thinkers descend on Victoria for 11 days of storytelling, in more than 320 sessions!

Writing From Below

On Monday 3 June, La Trobe University launched its first issue of the new academic journal, Writing from Below.

Mind Blowing Sex with Diana Cage

Diana Cage hits the nail on the head with her tips for amazing sex. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this article will help you discover your 'sexy consciousness' and set you on the path to hotter sex.

The Art of Sexual Intimacy

Clinical psychologist and renowned author, Dr. Glenda Corwin, provides an easy to follow formula that ensures sexual intimacy is maintained within lesbian relationships

Page Turner: Jesse Blackadder

Aussie author, Jesse Blackadder, speaks to LOTL about adding her own lesbian twist to her internationally published novel “The Raven’s Heart”.

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