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Lesbian Film ‘The Handmaiden’ To Screen At Sydney Film Festival

This film from South Korea is visually sumptuous and extremely sexy.

Queer Drama 'Starting From Now' To Release Last Season

A lesbian love triangle with Aussie babes and lots of drama. What more could a queer ask for?

Lesbian Films To Feature At Sydney Film Festival 2016

This year the festival will feature 14 LGBTIQ films.

'Imagine Me And You' Sparkles As A Sweet, Queer Romantic Comedy

No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be.

'Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine' Documentary Shines Light On A Queer Life Ended Tragically

Turns out, Matt was friends with…pretty much everyone.

Lesbian Artist Yvonne Rainer On Screen At Mardi Gras Film Festival

Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer tells the story of one of America's most important artists.

Italy’s First Lesbian Romantic Comedy Helps The Fight For Equality

Italy’s first lesbian rom-com has been released as the country fights the Catholic Church on civil unions for same-sex couples.

Hit Lesbian Flick Carol To Feature At 2016 Sydney Film Festival

The artistic lesbian film by Todd Haynes tells the story of two very different women who fall deeply in love in 1950's New York.

Review: Cute, Camp Lesbian Love In The Film 'The Guest House'

Can one sexy whirlwind weekend between two young women lead to a lifetime of lesbian love?

Powerful Australian Drama 'Skin Deep' Coming Soon

The film will screen in a selection of Australian cinemas.

A Perfect Ending Review

Is there such a thing as a perfect ending?

The Best Kind Of Trouble

All About E?

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