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Girl Crush Anyone? The Evolution Of ‘Lesbian Chic’

The increased level of comfort with lesbian sexuality embodied in the casual use of the phrase “girl crush” in contemporary mainstream women’s magazines might look like a sign that attitudes towards lesbians and gays have lightened up.

Desert Hearts: The 1986 Film About Lesbian Awakening That Gives Carol A Run For Its Money

Desert Hearts, a 1986 film with striking parallels to last year’s hit Carol, first shown 30 years ago at London’s first gay and lesbian film festival and it returned this year to BFI Flare.

The Coming Back Out Ball Is A Film That Honours Queer Elders, But Avoids Rocking The Boat

The film sets out to show the lead up to the Ball, but particularly to tell the story of 12 of the “elders” whose stories helped inspire a younger generation to organise the event.

Christians And LGBTQI+ People Stand Together For A Fair Religious Discrimination Bill

A Pastor at Activate Church, Brad Chilcott, and Equality Australia are calling on the Morrison Government to include affected communities in consultations regarding the Government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill.

Do Openly Gay Public Figures Like Ian Thorpe Matter? They Sure Do

"Australian Lesbian and Gay Life Stories" are interviewing 60 gay and lesbian people across Australia in order to investigate what it has been like to live a LGBT life at a time when social attitudes towards homosexuality have shifted significantly.

‘I Didn’t Know That World Existed’: How Lesbian Women Found A Life In The Armed Forces

Military service presented an opportunity for women to escape societal expectations around the behaviour and expectations, career choice and marriage, that were so dominant between the 1960s and 1980s.

LGBTQ Teenagers Are Creating New Online Subcultures To Combat Oppression

The YouTuber Harry Brewis has shone a light on how LGBTQ young people are breaking new political ground on the internet by carving out space for them marginalised voices.

Return Of ‘The L Word’: Representing Lesbian Desire On Screen In A New Era

LGBT social media networks were recently buzzing with news that a reboot of The L Word, the lesbian drama that ran for six series between 2004-09, is in the works at Showtime.

Telling Kids Homophobia Is Wrong Won’t Stop Bullying In Schools

There is no doubt that homophobic bullying is a problem in Australian schools. So how should schools respond to incidents of teasing and bullying related to gender and sexual identity?

Newcastle Pride Is Back

Following the acclaimed success of our inaugural 2018 Newcastle Pride Fair Day, the second annual Newcastle Pride Fair Day will be held Saturday 24th August 2019.

How Being A Gay Man Or Lesbian Impacts On Your Earning Power

In the extensively-studied area of how different demographic groups fare in the labour market, the size of the gender pay gap and its causes has tended to dominate.

Un-Doing The Traditional Ballroom Lead And Follow

Even if there was greater racial diversity in international dance sport, same-sex couples would not be able to dance on the competition floor

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