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Representation and Inter-sex-tionality

Clothing for the rest of us.

My Doggy Valentine

For the queer love of dogs.

10 Queer Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Treat your better half, or treat yourself. Why not.

February 2019 Online Horoscope

Valentines should come in a rainbow of colors instead of only red. In lovely February, let’s get our hands (and other parts) dirty as both Venus and Mars enter earth signs Capricorn and Taurus.

Understanding Intersex

The “I” is often added to our community’s acronym of LGBTQI, but what is it, what causes it, and how is it related to sexual preference? A lesbian shares her experience of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and genital surgery.

Queerbaiting In The Age Of Clickbait

Part 1: There are few things more gossip-inducing than a gay rumour.

19 Things That LGBTQ+ People Can Look Forward To In #TwentyBiTeen

A look at the positive things that 2019 has to offer.

Welcoming A Loving New Year

January is a month that for many (myself included) symbolizes new beginnings.

January 2019 Online Horoscope

Set your new year’s resolutions into motion now as Venus moves into adventuresome Sagittarius and Mars into randy Aries. Where will life lead? Let’s hope into temptation!n…

What She Said

This year, lesbians played an important role in the #MeToo movement. But that fact seems to have been overlooked.

We Are Loved By God

Religion, protest, and hope for our schools.

10 Things To Never Say To Someone Non-Binary

The trials and tribulations of being X-why?

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