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Meet Bobby Dove a lovable pup that needs a home

Doggie Rescue saves hundreds of dogs from death row each year - meet one of their latest saves...


Bobby Dove is just one of the many pups and dogs available for rescue.

Meet Bobbie Dove, he is young, cute and smart. He is great with kids, loves other dogs, enjoys a ball game and just can’t wait for a cuddle.
So why did we find Bobbie Dove on death row, just a few hours before he was due to be destroyed by lethal injection? And why are thousands more there just like him? .
Bobbie Dove is one of Sydney’s most unpopular dogs. He is a Fox Terrier cross and along with his relative the Jack Russell, and the fluffier Pomeranians, his type are dumped and destroyed in record breaking numbers. .
According to DoggieRescue’s Monika Biernacki lifestyle and convenience are the major factors working against these breeds. .
“These are great little dogs and very cute pups. People see them in pet store windows and are often tempted to buy them on impulse, without understanding their temperament or needs.” .
“The upside is that Foxies and Jack Russells are robust with easy care coats. Because they are smart and high energy they will need a good level of daily exercise and stimulation. When busy people leave them locked up in a back yard boredom will set in. They may chase the neighbours cats, dig a hole or find a way out. Lonely animals can become highly strung and difficult to manage which can lead to their demise.” .
“Pomeranians are a long haired breed with a coat that needs regular grooming,” she explains.
“Time-poor people are increasingly looking for easy care, non-shedding coats which are also popular with people suffering allergies and asthma. This may be why we see so many of this breed dumped at the pound.” .
With some 33,000 dogs losing their lives unnecessary in NSW last year, the problem of dog dumping is a big one. .
“The key”, says Monika Biernacki “is to carefully consider whether your lifestyle can accommodate a pet at all – and then to chose carefully.” .
Foxies and Jack Russells suit an active lifestyle where daily exercise, regular outings and plenty of social interaction and play are the order of the day. A playmate for long hours left at home will help, so consider two dogs if this is the case. Their short, easy care coat is a bonus although they do shed. .
The Pomeranian is a loyal and affectionate dog, and for those concerned with the high maintenance coat, clipping can be an option. The short coat leaves them looking a little like a chipmunk so a jumper may be needed to keep them warm in winter. .
Less active that their short-haired friends, Pomeranians none the less need a daily walk and family time. .
DoggieRescue features hundreds of abandoned animals on their website www.DoggieRescue.com.
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