5 Fitness Moves To Get You Started In 2016

New Year health challenge.



You tell yourself you won’t over do it over the Holidays this year, but somehow that extra glass of champagne, another serving of pudding, plus that chocolate you accidentally had for breakfast, (and the rest) just seem to happen.

And bam! Just like that we’re back to square one – hello food baby. According to the Nutrition Australia, we gain an extra 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas break and usually don’t burn it off again in the New Year.

So, if you want to buck the trend and make 2016 your healthiest, fittest year yet, read on for the top de-bloating and fat burning exercises to shift that tum, fast.

If it helps your motivation, get your girlfriend to join you and together you can make 2016 your healthiest.

The move: Plank 

It’s one of the best exercises to target the core and entire body

  • With arms on the floor, shoulder-width apart, push your body up so your arms are supporting your full body.
  • Push up, allowing a long straight line with the back – core engaged.
  • Pressing the hands or forearms firmly into the floor watch that there is no sinking between the shoulder blades.  
  • While in plank continue to breath efficiently, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. 
  • To challenge yourself – hold the plank for longer each time. Work from 30 second holds to 45 then to 60. Ideally three sets. 

Note: To add cardio, add in a mountain climber. “Stabilise through your centre and upper body and run with your knees coming up to your chest, while still in plank position. For an oblique focus the knees would come across the body rather than under. Do 45 seconds for each set, total of three sets.”

The move: Toe tap crunches

This one targets your abs – increasing metabolism and causing your body to use body fat as a fuel source even after the workout has finished (for up to two hours

  • Lie on your back and raise feet into the air at a 90 degree angle.
  • Raise arms into the same position so you resemble a staple.
  • Keeping feet steady in the air, use hands to reach for your toes – don’t worry if you can’t but to stretch up to them as much as you can.
  • Lay back flat on the ground making sure to roll through your spine – don’t land on a flat back. 
  • Once shoulders touch the ground then repeat.

The move: Half Lord of the fishes pose

The twisting in this pose stimulates the liver and kidneys, fires up digestion and relieves bloating.  It also energises the spine – squeezing and rehydrating the spongy disks between the vertebrae and stretching the shoulders, hips and neck.

  • Sit on the floor with legs straight out in front of you.
  • Bend knees, put feet on the floor, then slide left foot under your right leg to the outside of your right hip.
  • Lay the outside of the left leg on the floor.
  • Step the right foot over the left leg and stand it on the floor outside the left hip.
  • Exhale and twist toward the inside of the right thigh.
  • Press right hand against the floor behind right buttock, then push the outside of right thigh near the knee with the back of left upper arm.

The move: Frog Squats

Frog Squats are great for building strength, lean muscle mass and burning body fat. Because of the high-energy expenditure you target all major lower body muscle groups, so it’s great for fat loss, core stability and releasing fat burning hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone.

  • Standing - position feet hip-width apart.
  • Bend knees, hinging from the hips, bring elbows to the inside of your knees.
  • Keeping elbows pressed into the knees, lift head up, chest up and back flat, drive through heels and raise your ‘butt’ upwards.
  • Keep core engaged, thrust hips out and in line with feet and squeeze butt muscles, bringing pelvis into neutral.
  • With a straight back, hinge backward from hips, lowering your ‘butt’ back slowly to the starting position.
  • Aim for at least five reps if you’re a beginner.

The move: wheelbarrow

This exercise engages multiple muscle groups including the abdominals and core stabilisers, making it extremely efficient and guaranteed to burn fat and elevate heart rate – perfect for working off a Christmas feast!

Whilst it is a Pilates megaformer move, it can be adapted to do at home on a smooth floor surface.

  • Kneel on a tea towel, adopting a kneeling plank position with hands shoulder-width apart on the floor.
  • With wrists under shoulders, tuck hips and form a diagonal line from knees to crown of head.
  • Engage glutes, core and inner thighs.
  • With control, push shoulders back behind wrists, slide knees back a few centimetres then pull shoulders forward back to starting position above wrists.
  • Continue for at least 60 seconds at a slow, controlled tempo.
  • Maintain neutral spine and do not allow hips to sink or lift.

Note: To make it really hard-core, come on to the balls of your feet in a full plank position with tea towel underneath toes.

For more tips or to talk to Maz: www.razrfitness.com.au

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