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‘Supay’ Explores Love Against All Odds

This film follows a lesbian couple in Peru calling upon Andean magic to fight discrimination.


Supay is the first film with LGBT subject matter to ever be filmed in the ancient Incan city of Cuzco, Peru. The 23 minute short film was shot during six days in August 2016 on some of the most iconic and beautiful locations in Cuzco city and the surrounding Sacred Valley.  

Director Sonia Ortiz says the film aims to “open up hearts and minds to make living in Peru safer for the LGBT community and establish long-term cooperation, in order to support the local film community.”

Although society is changing slowly, the LGBT community in Peru continues to be exposed to open and in most cases unpunished violence. Peru is one of the countries with the most violence against the LGBT community worldwide.  

July 2016 marked the second time in Cuzco a gay pride parade was help and days before filming began, there was a demonstration by  NiUnaMenos  in Lima and Cuzco opposing violence against women.

Supay tells the story of two lovers, without judgment, or pedantic scolding. Through the mystical world of the Andes, the film follows Valya, who after spending a year in jail for a crime she didn’t commit, wanders around the streets of the ancient Incan city. Only Andean magic can help reunite Valya and her love Paz but the path they must follow is drastic.

Although filming has completed, the filmmakers are in need of funding for post production. In order to successfully meet the requirements to enter the film at international film festivals, the team needs to complete color grading, sound production, and music composition.

The majestic scenery of the Andes and the city of Cuzco provide the framework for this story of the struggle of two women who are insubordinate and whose uncompromising love perseveres against all obstacles to touch and excite audiences.

To learn more about Supay and to help out, visit the Kickstarter page!

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