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Saffire Rose Delivers Powerful Vocals

Saffire Rose is the perfect new addiction to your playlist!


Australian born Saffire Rose is the perfect new addition to your playlist! The Melbourne based singer-songwriter was not always in front of the microphone though. She began her career in the music industry studying audio engineering and sound production.

Saffire says that throughout her studies it became apparent that she desired to write and perform instead of producing. With the help of her mentor, Saffire’s desire to become an artist was cemented.

Combining electric keyboard skills, poetic lyrics, and powerful vocals help Saffire to create a unique and appealing sound. She notes that growing up she listened to and was influenced by musicians Tracy Chapman, Wendy Mathews, Tony Childs, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

These influences can be seen throughout her music and Saffire noted that she also has “strong admiration for Christina Aguilera, Sia and Matt Corby.”

Saffire performs at varies venues across Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Melbourne’s Purple Emerald Lounge Bar is her favourite venue to perform in because Saffire says, “The energy there is always perfect.”

While Saffire’s music doesn’t have a definitive main message she says that her music “has the power to make people feel less alone on their journey and provide hope.”

You definitely want to keep your ears open for more from Saffire Rose.

Check out Saffire’s video for her song Time Warp below!


Connect with Saffire Rose online!



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