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Out Women Score Eight Emmy Nominations, Ellen Page Has New Girlfriend

Plus Margaret Cho gets a new TNT show!




Meet Ellen Page’s New Girlfriend



Ellen Page and Emma Portner are the coolest lesbians in art school and totally together. Last time we checked, Ellen Page was publicly in love with a sandy haired surfer. New photos of Ellen kissing dancer Emma Portner suggest that relationship is over, and Ellen rudely forgot to notify us. It’s almost like she doesn’t want the public breathlessly following her love life. Ridiculous.


Ellen Page and Emma Portner were photographed kissing outside of rapturously vegan West Hollywood eatery Cafe Gratitude. This makes sense, given what I just learned about Emma Portner. The young ballet dancer is best known for starring in a Justin Bieber music video during his short-lived “inspirational artistic” phase, followed shortly by his current “Prince Joffrey” image. Emma is pretty in a scary hipster way and her dancing might be described by the motionless layman (me) as “smoothly jerking whilst mean mugging.” It’s nice? You can watch Ellen and Emma together in a video on Emma’s channel, in which Ellen plays a melancholy acoustic rendition of Britney Spears’s “Lucky” while Emma free style dances in the background. It’s dimly lit and fine and they look free-spirited and joyful in a way I can never be.


In addition to a bohemian new girlfriend with the wide-set eyes of a Miu Miu model, Ellen just got an Emmy nod for her Vice series “Gaycation.” Big week.


Eight Out Women Nominated for An Emmy



This has got to be a record: eight openly LGBTQ women were nominated for an Emmy in 2017. Ellen Page (lesbian, Gaycation), Lena Waithe (lesbian, Master of None), Samira Wiley (lesbian, Handmaiden’s Tale), Shannon Pursuer (bisexual, Stranger Things), Kate McKinnon (lesbian, SNL), Laverne Cox (trans, OITNB), Lily Tomlin (lesbian, Grace & Frankie), and Evan Rachel Wood (bisexual, West World) were nominated. We taking over.


Cara Delevingne Gets Mixed Reviews

Valerian opened this weekend to mixed reviews. I love Cara, but I also love mean movie reviews, so this is a hard topic for me to tackle. Your ordinary lesbian gossip columnist would gloss over the negative reviews of queer female celebrities because they interpret solidarity as saccharine enthusiasm. I get it. It’s a lot easier to write “CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS SUPER COOL GIRL’S SUPER COOL THING YAY SISTERHOOD” than offer criticism that will decrease our chances of befriending said cool girl. However, I’m not well-dressed enough to be friends with literally any celebrity, and I give zero fucks. Here are what the critics are saying about Cara’s performance in Valerian. I should also point out that the reviews of her male co-star are far, far worse. So if the movie tanks, it’s the fault of men. Specifically the generic white dude (Dane DeHaan) chosen for his pretty face to be the lead, who has been universally panned, and writer/director Besson himself, who wrote the script alone and is therefore completely responsible for some truly terrible sounding dialogue.


Deadline: “Delevingne doesn’t fare a whole lot better and seems to be trying too hard. Chemistry between them is zero”


Variety: As played by British fashion model Cara Delevingne (downright wooden in last summer’s “Suicide Squad,” but a revelation here: sassy, sarcastic and spontaneous), Laureline holds true to one of Besson’s core beliefs — that nothing’s sexier than an assertive, empowered leading lady.


The Hollywood Reporter:  “Cara Delevingne needs to learn there is more to acting than smirking and eye-rolling.”


A.V. Club: “model-turned-sort-of-actor Cara Delevingne”


Seattle Times:  “She’s so inexpressive you get the sense she’s rummaging around in her mind trying to figure out how to play a scene, and coming up empty.”


I’m not going to Valerian for a sensitive character study. I’m going for some bomb special effects. And by all accounts, I will be lushly rewarded.


Margaret Cho Teams Up With Nisha Ganatra For TNT Pilot

Two queer women of color are joining forces and getting shit done. Lesbian director Nisha Ganatra (Transparent, Dear White People) is directing a TNT pilot created by and starring Margaret Cho called “Highland.” The series is inspired by Cho’s struggles with substance abuse and features an all female team of creators, showrunners, star, and director. The show will focus two extended, dysfunctional Korean families.


Therapist Sued For Allegedly Trying To Turn lesbian Straight

Today in “what the actual fuck,” a therapist from Berkeley, California of all places is being sued by a lesbian patient who claims he aggressively attempted to change her sexual orientation. The National Center for Lesbian Rights filed the lawsuit, claiming that therapist Lloyd W. Willey engaged in fraud by seeking to change the sexual orientation of his patient, Katherine McCobb. A few lowlights of Wiley’s unethical and exploitive actions: McCobb entered therapy for other reasons, but Wiley quickly focused on her sexuality, telling her that being a lesbian was unnatural and pathological. Wiley claimed he could “rewire” her brain, and encouraged her to lose weight, wear makeup, grow out her hair, and become “softer.”


Wiley arranged for McCobb to date one of his male patients and encouraged her to have sex with him, which she eventually did. Over eight years of treatment, Wiley charged McCobb over $80,000 and allegedly violated California’s consumer protection laws by charging money based on misrepresentation. 



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