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Married To The Music

Singing spouses Citizen Jane and “wedding singer,” Chastity Brown release new records, while an adorable homegrown keeps us up at night.


Meet La Louma



Lauren Ross is the artist known as La Louma and also half of Bitchwave, the queer women-run label behind the release of La Louma’s first album Let The World Be Flooded Out. The first single off the record is “The Decline of Nations,” a defiant rocker featuring the refrain “I don’t believe a word.” In Trump’s America, La Louma offers a rallying cry. The song itself is reminiscent of Bikini Kill with pounding drums, wailing vocals, and an air of rebellion. It’s the song to blast while dismantling the patriarchy.



Aussie Invasion



My carabiner and I will see you tomorrow in Bendigo for @groovinthemoo! || 📷: @g.g.mcg ||

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Fresh off a November 16 appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Australian singer-songwriter, Alex Lahey is taking the world by storm with her guitar-driven single “Every Day’s the Weekend.” Lahey’s debut album I Love You Like a Brother tackles siblings and gender norms simultaneously with lyrics lines like “You don’t like sports and I don’t like dresses/Luckily for us our parents got the message.” Lahey herself notes that she is “openly gay,” and according to an interview last year in Archer, traded notes with former tour mates Tegan and Sara on how to “manage media as a queer artist.”



Love and Chastity



Minneapolis based songstress Chastity Brown has hit a high note with the release of her most recent album Silhouette of Sirens released on Red House Records. “Whisper” is the newest single and the accompanying video has made waves for its depiction of a lesbian relationship. Eschewing overly fantasized caricatures of same-sex romance, “Whispers” provides an intimate and more authentic representation of a sweet love story. No stranger to romance, Brown played at our wedding back in 2014. We were united as the Becks we are today and people still talk about what a magical addition her music was to our ceremony.



Cozy Couple



New album is finally out! Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.. and please share the love! <3

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Speaking of being happily wed, Citizen Jane is a Canadian folk-pop duo made up of Lea Kirstein and Reenie Perkovic, a married couple making beautiful music together. Their first record In The Storm released October 21 is an evocative and reflective album, layering guitars, vocals, mandolin, fiddle, cello and more to create a solid folk offering. Songs like the eponymous “In the Storm” provide the perfect soundtrack to a cozy night in, and “Good Fight” (video below) is a rallying cry against bullying. The album is diverse and multifaceted, and folk fans should definitely have a listen.



Sonically Sinclair



Sinclair is another star on the rise. Her debut EP Sweet Talk came out in 2014 to critical acclaim and the standout single “This Too Shall Pass” has garnered millions of plays on Spotify. Since then, she has been living in Nashville with her wife, artist Natalie Rose and traveling the world getting inspiration for her last EP, CLRBLND, released in 2016. She has been touring and spending time in Berlin, New York, and London, the energy of the cities are captured in her latest music, including most recent single “Obsession.” The single is super fun and danceable and is best played getting ready for a night out. She describes her genre as “a sonic Skittle with a candy pop shell and a juicy rock and roll center.” That sounds about right.

Check out “Obsession” on Spotify.


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