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“I Live For The Kisses Of A Beautiful Woman”: Meet Your New Favourite Rock Chick, Ariane Campbell

We chat to Sydney’s homegrown rock star about chicks and licks.


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Is there anything hotter than a front woman in a rock band? We think not. From Joan Jett head-banging with her Runaways, to Patti Smith oozing sex in skin tight leather pants, to Britney bloody Spears letting her freak flag fly as she covers Jett’s ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ at the karaoke scene in Crossroads, the consensus is thus: rock chicks are hot chicks.


The same rule applies for Sydney’s very own rock goddess, Ariane Campbell. Ariane fronts Roses for Jack (aptly named after the empty Jack Daniels bottle Ariane uses as a vase), and the group are just on the cusp of releasing their new album, Stolen Hearts. LOTL had a chat to her about influences, gender dynamics in bands, and kissing beautiful women!


For those who aren't familiar with your band, Roses For Jack, could you describe your sound in three words?

Sexy. Upbeat. Rock.


You're currently working on your new album, which you are also recording with Sarah McLeod of the Superjesus fame. What can we expect from the album and how has it been collaborating with Sarah? 

Yes! We're recording now. I'm so lucky to get to work with Sarah. She's a complete inspiration and seriously kick-ass front woman, I'm in great company with McLeod. She's an excellent producer as well. There's a certain magic in the studio with Sarah- it's a wonderful collaboration. 


The album is a collection of guitar driven rock tracks ranging from the slamming, esoteric "Stolen Hearts" to the completely vulnerable, heartfelt, acoustic "Stay". I like to think it's tone is playful but strong. It's upbeat but has a definite "don't mess with me" vibe. We've got a surprise Aussie rock cover in there as well! 


In our last interview with you, you talked about how a lot of your tracks are inspired by a "love for women", and that one track was kicked off by a particularly powerful kiss with a "delicious" woman. Is that theme something that continues to inform your work? 

Wow. Yes, so much has happened since that last interview!! We were talking about love and desire between women, for women – extremely powerful themes – which continue to inform my work for sure. I remember saying that women are "spell- casting, delicious, magnificent"- and aren't they just?!? Yes, I adore women and I'm driven to inspire them; that's a significant reason why I do what I do. Is there anything more inspiring than a beautiful woman? Her eyes, her touch, her spirit, her kiss, her lips? I doubt it. I live for the kisses of a beautiful woman. I'm a Scorpio so you know I'll always be driven by passion and desire.


You are a woman in rock, fronting a band made up of three dudes, and you've said that you're taking the lead on songwriting. That's obviously not groundbreaking, but it's still pretty bloody rare. Does that ratio produce a singular dynamic? Why is it so important to have female front women in rock? 

Cool, yes, I feel like I'm following in the footsteps of some really cool women in rock in that way. You know, like Joan Jett with the Blackhearts, or Suze De Marchi and the Baby Animals, Sarah- obviously- with the Superjesus. Shirley Manson from Garbage, Chrissy Amphlett with Divinyls. These women in rock are all heroes of mine- fronting and songwriting with the same or similar set up. You're right, it's not groundbreaking- in a way it's almost a tradition- but it is rare and I'm proud to be in such cool company. It's important to have strong, driven, women, powering on at the front across industries. If I can represent in rock n roll, I'll happily do so. 


The Aussie rock scene is kicking at the moment, and it is very cool to see that a lot of the women who are heading the charge are queer-identifying (I'm thinking Alex Lahey, Courtney Barnett, Bec Sandridge). Is this coincidence, or is there some innate correlation between queer ladies and rock? 

Isn't it great?!? Surely no coincidence between being gay and being awesome! Pretty sure they go hand in hand haha. I'm glad you mentioned Bec Sandridge. I saw Bec at Newtown Social supporting another great guitarist, songwriter and frontwoman, Abbe May. Loved it. I'd love to support Abbe May one day… Must work on my guitar solos and creating cool licks… When rock music is so much about the empowered individual, the free spirit who will follow their heart at all costs, it's wonderful to see the correlation. 


What are your upcoming gigs?

21 May at The Townie, Newtown, Sydney

5 June at Cherry Bay, Melbourne

14 June at Manly Boatshed, Sydney

29 July at Frankie’s, Sydney


Can't wait to play these sets!!


And your new album?

We’re launching the first single off the album, "Say You'll Be Mine," in September at Bigsound, Queensland. We’re launching the second single, "Magician's Kiss," in October at Frankie's. 


The album is called "Stolen Hearts" and will be released on 10 November 2017. 


To see more of Ariane, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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