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Glitoris Comes To Sydney

Giant sparkling clitoris lights up the night.


A larger-than-life sparkling gold clitoris will light up Sydney this month as part of an art installation celebrating the only part of the human body with the sole purpose of pleasure.

Created by Sydney artist Alli Sebastian Wolf, The Glitoris is a 100:1 scale model of a clitoris, covered in intricate sequined nerves so it lights up the room like a divine disco ball.

On opening night The Clitorati—three performers decked in fabulous vagtastic costumes with clitoris crowns and vulvacious tunics—will parade The Glitoris down Regent St and into the front window gallery space of the beloved art bar.

“It’s surprising how few people know that a clitoris is more than just the little tip you see on the outside.” Wolf said. “Under the surface it’s so much more. It’s a glorious spaceship-looking creature with 8,000 nerves that can swell to three times its size in moments.”

“The Glitoris was made to educate people—it’s political and feminist, but also a celebration; it’s a hell of a lot of playful fun,” said Wolf. “After all, isn’t that the whole point of a clitoris—the only part of the human body whose exclusive purpose is pleasure?”

The Glitoris is for everyone, says Wolf. “The world will be a happier, healthier place when this shape is as familiar as the old John-Thomas,” she said.

“Maybe someday we’ll have as many clits graffittied on toilet walls as penises. That will be a good day.”

The Glitoris will be on display for one month, 24 January – 25 February 2017, as part of Redfern bar and art space The Bearded Tit’s latest exhibition Bush Magic.

Visit Alli Sebastian Wolf online

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