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Explore The Beautiful Love Of Two Women In 'Life Of The Party'

This quirky comedy is a journey of self discovery.


The second feature film from Amazing People Pictures Life Of The Party is a touching, quirky comedy drama about three friends while exploring the beautiful love of two women.

Edging past their thirties, Jason, Kray and Sandra attempt to hang on to their carefree youth by embarking on an attempt to break the world record of 423 days for the world’s longest house party.  Each character sets off on a voyage of self-discovery, facing their personal demons and coping with love and loss.

Through Sandra’s journey in the film, her and her girlfriend Becky faces trials like any couple does. They lose traction and have to work to find each other again.

Amazing People Pictures recognises the lack of positive LGBTIQ representation in the film and television industry today. Young adults who find it difficult enough as it is to find themselves in this world are constantly viewing a negative and often unhappy situation involving characters they identify with.  It is time that the negative or abnormal representation of LGBTIQ people in fictional film and television stops.

The trials faced by Sandra and Becky do not occur because of their sexual orientation but instead because they are two people who love each other  and need to work through finding themselves just as any couple does in reality.

Life of The Party is a journey of self discovery, sexual equality, and looking forward to a new you.

Filmmaker Michael Budd aims to begin filming in early November in and around Sydney.

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