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The Veronicas "Our Fans Are The Most Incredible Souls"

The iconic Aussie sisters talk to LOTL in an exclusive interview!


Via Instagram

Australia’s finest alt-pop exports, The Veronicas are back, with bold attitudes and banging beats. Identical twins Jessica and Lisa Origliasso make up the pop powerhouse that is The Veronicas, and have been a staple for all discerning electro, rock and pop lovers since 2005 when they released their four time platinum debut album The Secret Life of. Since then, the international chart topping twins have collaborated with producers Clif Magness, Billy Steinberg and Max Martin, who between them have worked with every pop princess worth knowing such as Madonna, Pink, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. 


Since their musical makeover, The Veronicas have received nothing but praise for their work. 2015 and 2016 saw The Veronica’s come back with a vengeance, with number one hits You Ruin Me, also a top ten hit in the U.K and most recently, dance anthem In My Blood. Late last year, a blistering hot performance of In My Blood at the 2016 ARIA’s put The Veronicas right back where they belong; on the tip of everyone’s tongues. 



The sisters are huge advocates for marriage equality in Australia, giving rousing speeches in Brisbane and Sydney in support of the LGBTQI’s efforts to obtain equal rights when it comes to saying “I DO” down under. The video for The Veronica’s most recent single, On Your Side, was written and directed by Ruby Rose and was a true to life look at the passion and protection of two people falling in love and ultimately a love that cannot be broken. 



The duo recently performed at the 2017 Sydney Mardi Gras to an adoring crowd that sang their songs back to them in fierce devotion - a sight all artists dream of seeing. It's safe to say their costumes were as sexy as their performance, featuring a glamorous return of the body glitter we saw in their ARIA's live performance, only this time they were dripping in a ravishing royal blue instead of the previous sultry red. 


I had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the stunning sisters:


How does it feel not only to be back home in Australia again, but also to be performing at the 2017 Sydney Mardi Gras?
It is the greatest being home and seeing our family and friends back here! This was our very first Mardi Gras and we were so excited and honoured to celebrate and perform at this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras. It was an amazing experience!


Your latest hit music video On Your Side has gone viral and it is safe to say that fans are buzzing over the newly rekindled relationship. What was the experience like filming and working with Ruby Rose?
Anyone who knows Ruby, or has seen her work, understands that she leads from her fire and heart. She is a passionate and creative force and has very clear visions of everything she creates. We admire her greatly for each of those things. Getting a chance to work with a friend we have been close to for so long was a total high. And, on a personal level, she is kind and disarming, and I am blessed we have all found our way back to each other. 


Anyone who follows your Instagram can see that Lisa and Logan make a stunning couple. Since we have seen Jess and Ruby in a music video together, are there plans for Lisa and Logan to play the romantic couple in the next music video?
We find so much inspiration in creating with partners. We collaborated on the music video for our song Cruel with Logan. He has such an incredible passion for cinema; he coordinated all the stunts and fight scenes for the video, as well as playing the villain. We would be lucky to create more with him on future projects!


You have mentioned in previous interviews how close you are and how much you enjoy working with each other as sisters and friends; is there a secret to how you work out your disagreements or the unavoidable sibling quarrels?
I think the important thing to remember is simply to listen—meanings can get lost in translation. We try not to get petty in fights and instead communicate with respect;we give ourselves the opportunity to try and understand the other opinion or point of view. We have spent a lot of time on developing self-awareness to get to that answer, haha. We used to throw things at each other and scream; we have since learnt that love and understanding are far more effective. 


What is one of the weirdest/quirky experiences either of you have had with a fan? 
Our fans are the most incredible and compassionate souls! We have seen some really wild tattoos, they always blow us away. 


Before your worldwide success, was there a backup plan or other career passion that you could see yourselves doing if music didn't work out?
Lisa and I have always been passionate about the arts and creating and we have ideas beyond music! We have always had passion for health, staying eco-conscious when choosing makeup, fashion and food, growing our own food, cooking, spiritual psychology, humanitarian work, our earth, our oceans, our wildlife, equal rights, human rights, animal rights, writing and film-making. 


What’s one thing on your bucket list that hasn’t been ticked off yet? 
Finding the Megalodon!


And lastly, what’s each of your favourite '90s anthem or jam from your childhood? 
TLC by the Waterfalls and Babes in Toyland by Bruise Violet!


By Gemma Dart



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