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St. Vincent’s New Ballad Is About Cara And A Lesbian Makes Reality TV History

Plus Kristen Stewart, Stella Maxwell, and Robert Pattinson have awkward encounter.



Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, And Stella Maxwell Share Awkward Flight

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haven’t been spotted together since they broke up, which makes this week’s run in all the more awkward. Kristen, Stella, and Robert found themselves on the same international flight from Paris to LAX. Ultra-wide first class seats can only provide so much distance between you, your ex, and her latest squeeze.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart notoriously dated while filming the venerable Twilight franchise, then broke up after Kristen allegedly cheated on him with a married director. Naughty naughty. All’s well that ends well: Kristen Stewart went on to date her way through young, female Hollywood and is now happily wifed up with the implausibly symmetrical uber blonde Stella Maxwell. If you read my column regularly, you know this. If you don’t read my column regularly, you are not living your best life.



The First Gay Contestant Ever On Love Connection Is A Lesbian


Liz Baxter made TV history by becoming the first gay contestant ever on Love Connection. Fox’s reboot of the iconic ’90s show is hosted by Andy Cohen, who challenged the network to include LGBTQ contestants. The network happily agreed, and Liz Baxter took up the rainbow mantle on the oh-so-important reality ceiling. "I never thought that I would be in this position, but I'm super proud of being gay, so I'm happy to be an advocate in any way. It's a perfect time to say, 'We're here. We're a part of the mainstream community. We're on TV. And we're not going away,’” says the 32-year old Liz Baxter.


This is it, guys. You know we won equality when we can all go home to watch ourselves on television.



Cara Delevingne Caught In London Brawl


There’s just a week left until Valerian drops and Cara Delevingne's professional fate is revealed. If it’s a hit, Cara will solidify her status as a fully fledged leading lady, capable of holding down a wildly expensive sci-fi franchise. If Valerians flops, the critics will circle, dubbing her yet another model-turned-actress who can’t cut it outside of teeny bopper flicks. She’ll also be the first queer woman to play the lead in a big budget action franchise. Oh, and the indie studio that’s backing Valerian? They NEED this film to succeed, because they’ve had a series of flops and if this one doesn’t make big money, they could be bankrupt. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME. Anyways, Cara ran into a spot of violence in London a few days ago when photographers swarmed her in a train station. According to The Sun:


“There were a group of photographers taking Cara’s picture when she emerged at London’s St Pancras station. One of the guys in her group was heard shouting at them, saying they had enough photos. He then got into a scuffle with one of the photographers and they started pushing each other aggressively. It caused a huge commotion and about ten police officers – some of whom were armed – came out of nowhere to break up the fight. Cara looked pretty shocked. She was escorted outside to her waiting car by police while her friend and the photographer were held back and made to give statements.”



S&M Sally Is A Sexy Lesbian Movie By And For LGBTQ Women

It has come to my attention that there’s a lesbian-made, sexy comedy romp about threesomes and BDSM. Hells yeah for the female gaze. S&M is about love and sexual taboos. Butch/Femme couple Jamie and Jill are surprised to find their roles are reversed while exploring BDSM, while male/female couple Lola and David start dating bisexual Sebastian and wonder if they’re daring enough to have a threesome. It’s a funny, sexy, genuine romp with minimal gayngst and lots of representation. You can rent it now for just $3.99 here.



Amber Heard’s Hair Is Red



Amber Heard shared another titillating image from the set of Aquaman, this time with a first look at her character’s long, fiery locks. The extreme shade looks unexpectedly flattering on Heard’s milk and honey complexion. Don’t get ideas: on 99% of the population, this shade would make you look like a fire hydrant with a cheap weave.



Australian Lesbian Couple Hold Semi-Legal Wedding” Ceremony



For reasons I cannot fully comprehend, same-sex marriage is still illegal in Australia. However, the powers that be have thrown the LGBTQ masses a mediocre bone in the form of the Evermore Pledge, which gives couples the legal privileges of a marriage without calling it “marriage.” Gee, thanks. A lesbian couple from the Gold Coast made history by becoming the first same-sex partners to “marry but not really” under the Evermore Pledge. Carly Naughton, 31, and Alee Fogarty, 28, exchanged vows last Saturday. I wish I could feel excited about this, but it just feels icky. The Evermore Pledge costs $1999 to $6999, making this imitation marriage an exclusive right of wealthy same-sex couples. It doesn’t create any new legal rights for same sex couples, it just packages them together to create “a similar feeling to being married.”


While I understand and respect that some same-sex couples think an Evermore pledge is better than nothing, and want to feel secure in the case of emergencies, I’m pissed that a first world country would so crassly advocate a poor imitation of marriage while depriving the LGBTQ community equal, human rights. Better than nothing isn’t good enough. Not even close.


St. Vincent’s New Single Is About Cara Delevingne



St. Vincent’s new single, New York, is a nostalgic piano ballad that opens with the lament “New York isn’t New York without you.” The internet is aflame with speculation that St. Vincent wrote “New York” about her long-time ex-girlfriend, Cara Delevigne. In happier days, the two were often spotted together in New York City. There’s a twist to the speculation: “New York” is not as new as fans initially thought. St. Vincent performed “New York” as an untitled ballad during a 2016 show. An audience member recorded the performance (above), and believes that St. Vincent was singing the song to/for her then girlfriend, Cara Delevigne, who was in the audience. I suspect that Annie Clark wrote “New York” for Cara as a romantic ballad. Now that they’ve broken up, it’s interesting that St. Vincent chose to release the slow song as her first single. What was once romantic is now sad. As most things are, in the end.


Watch her performance below: 



that's @st_vincent dressed as a toilet singing a song about @caradelevingne, to Cara.

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