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Samira Wiley, Stella Maxwell, Evan Rachel Wood And Dilone Are All Queer Cover Girls

High-profile hotties exhibit model behaviour this week.



Stella Maxwell Graces Cover Of Bazaar Spain

Model and Kristen Stewart girlfriend Stella Maxwell is on the April Cover of Bazaar Spain. Maxwell is having an incredible year. She was just named Maxim’s “Most Beautiful Woman in the World,” shot the cover of Vogue Turkey, and is the face of Roberto Cavalli.


You can’t open a magazine without seeing Maxwell’s insanely symmetrical face gazing out, as if to say, “Take it in, peasant.” While Maxwell has yet to speak publicly about her relationship with Stewart, she’s never hid her queerness. Before Stewart, Maxwell had a brief fling with Miley Cyrus that culminated in invasive paparazzi taking photos of them making out that were published and discussed around the world. But Maxwell didn’t blink or back down. She’s out, but she doesn’t feel obliged to share the details. According to a recent interview with Fashion Week Daily, Maxwell said “I don’t seek out attention or look for exposure. I like to keep my private life private. Once it’s out there in front of people, it can be hard to enjoy it and keep it real. With modeling, [exposure] comes hand in hand.”


Evan Rachel Wood Rocks Elle Canada



Evan Rachel Wood is on the cover of Elle Canada. In the cover story, she discussed feminism and her queer identity, as well as her new marriage. Wood explained, “Some think that feminism is about hating men, and they hate you for that. I love men. I have a son—I actually want a world where we can all be equal and I’m not held back because of my gender. It’s not a movement against men! It sucks that the word ‘feminism’ is so tainted. Also, I’m in the LGBT community and you’re told a lot that you’re going to hell and you’re a terrible person. People think that it’s a movement and we’re trying to destroy society. It’s intense.”


Model Dilone Co-Covers for Allure’s Diversity Issue



You may recognize the out model from her American Eagle campaign. She also dated a friend of mine in New York who is a model. Modeling is like sports: they’re all banging each other.


Samira Wiley is on the Cover of The Cut



Samira Wiley may be dead and gone from OITNB, but she has a new (gay!) part in Hulu’s upcoming adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale. The newlywed is on New York’s Magazine’s The Cut this month. In the issue, Wiley discussed her reservations about taking another gay role.


“I was definitely afraid of being typecast,” she told The Cut, and debated over taking the role. Then her wife Lauren Morelli told Wiley that Atwood was her favorite author. The couple discussed Wiley’s hesitance about taking the part. “I was like: I know, I know, this character’s gay too,” she recalled. “And — I will never forget this — she goes: This one you go gay for.”


Go gay girl. While I understand that gay actors don’t want to be relegated to gay roles, I think it’s important for LGBTQ characters to be played by actual LGBTQ people, so I’m grateful Wiley got over her initial reservations. Wiley continued by explaining why, even though she’s naturally a private person, she lives her life publicly as a gay woman. “I think about when I was a young girl, [what it would have meant] to be able to look up to people who I could identify with, and to see them in positions of power and in positions of doing what I wanted to do... I think I really realized how important that is. Even if I’m not breathing it down people’s necks, I feel like my protest is walking down the street holding Lauren’s hand. Putting pictures of ourselves kissing on Instagram so people don’t think, no, they’re just friends. Just living my life openly and honestly, and having that be a protest.”


Read the full article to discover Wiley’s coming out story and Margaret Atwood’s peppy emoji preferences.


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