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Ruby Rose House Hunting And Cara Delevingne Gets Animated

Plus Asia Kate Dillon challenges the Academy on the gender binary.



Ruby Rose And Girlfriend Jess Origliasso Spotted House-Hunting IN THE VALLEY


Ruby Rose and Jess Orgliasso are prepping to u-haul, which makes sense. They’ve been inseparable for what (as a gossip columnist) seems like eternity, regularly posting adorable pics on social media and giving long, sappy interviews about their love for each other. As any lesbian worth her weight in PBR knows, the next step after social media blitz is moving in together. What surprises me is their taste in location: the duo were spotted looking at Jared Leto’s (ew) old house in Studio City aka THE VALLEY. Granted, Studio City is the commonly accepted as the best part of the valley, home to many mildly successful Hollywood workers who hog counter space at every coffee shop, typing away at what is undoubtedly the next great film. But still. Jared Leto’s former residence? I hope they’re planning on bleaching every wall in that mansion.


Beth Ditto Is A Lesbian Rodeo Queen In New Video


Speaking of curvy lesbian sex symbols, Beth Ditto has graced us all with a music video for her new single “Fire.” It’s the first song from her upcoming solo debut, Fake Sugar, which drops on June 16th. The country tinged jam is peppy and catchy, a strong showing for Ditto right out the gate and an ideal Summer song for driving with the windows down on a sunny day. In the video for "Fire", Ditto croons in a grungy country and western honky tonk while line dancing breaks into a brawl. It’s fun.


Asia Kate Dillon Challenges The Academy On The Gender Binary

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Non-Binary Billions Actor Asia Kate Dillon, who awesomely plays a non-binary character on the otherwise bro-heavy although utterly addictive Showtime show, wants an Emmy. The issue? They don’t fit into the strictly gendered Actor or Actress category. What’s a person to do? Dillon issued a public statement calling out The Academy, then settled for Actor category because they identify as an Actor. While I respect Dillon's point, I think if we got rid of Actress/Actor categories, we’d see a vast reduction in the amount of awards that go to women. They’d all go to men except for the occasional token, because men are valued more highly in all fields but especially in Hollywood. I get that it’s difficult for non-binary people, but when you ask to remove the entities that specifically honor women, you’re creating the very real possibility that women will be ignored.


Wedding Canceled As Bride Reveals She's A Lesbian

Her former fiancée went on the honeymoon without her, and returned to find her happily dating a woman. He’s pissed but I don’t care and neither, apparently, does she. Read the full story here


Chanel Animates Cara Delevingne Into A Skateboarding Cartoon




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