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Ruby Rose Feuds With Her Girlfriend's Twin

Plus, Melanie Martinez accused of sexually assaulting female friend.


Ruby Rose Feuds With Girlfriend’s Twin & Bandmate



Ruby Rose seems like she’s going through some stuff. Just a few weeks ago, Rose feuded with The Daily Mail and critical fans who implied that the Pitch Perfect star was too skinny. Now she’s fighting with her girlfriend’s twin and bandmate over alleged homophobia and posting sad, angry responses to comments about her breakouts. Can we take a moment to acknowledge that constant criticism of your appearance must be brutal? You never need to tell someone with bad skin that their skin looks terrible. They know. They really, really know. Let’s take a ride on the emotional rollercoaster that is Ruby Rose’s social media presence.


Jess Origliasso, whose last name is difficult to spell, is in a band called The Veronicas with her twin sister, Lisa. After Australia voted to legalise same-sex marriage, Ruby Rose tweeted “So glad to see Lisa Origliasso screaming in excitement about the yes vote after telling us she thinks we should feel 'lucky' we don't get stoned to death like they do in other countries and to get over it a few months ago.” Snap. “...Really warms my heart,” she continued, adding a rolling eyes emoji for extra sass. I am so here for Ruby Rose calling out hypocritical straight people who consider themselves allies while dismissing LGBTQ activism as “whining.” Lisa denied Rose’s accusation, stating “I did not make those statements and I do not hold those views. Sexuality has never played a factor in my acceptance of people or their relationships.” Which sounds like some PR nonsense. Rose later went on a radio show and attempted to defuse the situation. “I think everyone wants what's best for everybody, I want them to be happy and I'm obviously the biggest fan of the band ever,” she explained. “In that emotional time and we just arrived in China with the jetlag and all, I could have handled myself differently. I was definitely frustrated at that situation, but everyone's good now and working through it and I think that's what's important.” Translation: “My girlfriend’s sister and bandmate said some ignorant, mean things about the importance of gay rights. I called her on it publicly, then realized that my girlfriend’s job depends on The Veronicas staying in business, and that won’t work if I’m fighting with her bandmate and embarrassing her in the public eye. Everything is fine. Please buy The Veronicas’ next album.“


Pop Star Melanie Martinez Accused Of Sexual Assault By Female Former Friend




Melanie Martinez, a popular singer who rose to prominence on The Voice, has been accused of sexual assault by female musician Timothy Heller. Heller is accusing Martinez of groping, performing oral sex, and penetrating her with a sex toy without her consent. Martinez rebutted firmly, saying their sexual relationship was consensual and that Heller “never said no.” Both Martinez and Heller publicly identify as straight. Read Heller’s accusations, and Martinez’s response, in full above via Twitter.


Cameron Esposito And Rhea Butcher Announce Split Stand-Up Album Back To Back



Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are releasing a joint stand-up comedy album to add a stop of levity to your daily commute. The lesbian couple have been on the “Back to Back” comedy tour since NBC took Seeso behind the shed and shot it, so this is a chance for everyone to get a taste of that sweet yet savoury gay comedy. Also titled “Back to Back,” the album will include 12 tracks from the tour: six duo tracks of Cameron and Rhea performing together, and six solo tracks of their solo stand up. It is the first comedy album by a gay married couple in history, which is exactly the kind of arbitrary milestone us gays need in these trying times. Back to Back comes out on December 8th, and you can pre-order it here.


Lesbian Couple Fights For The Equal Right To Thirst Trap On Instagram



Life. Love. The pursuit of attention. These are the indelible rights humans are granted. After Instagram deleted lesbian couple Veronica and Jana’s carefully staged bedroom photograph, the Insta-famous couple decided to fight back. Through a hashtag and public shaming. Although the photo of Veronica, Jana, and their child snuggling in bed contained no nudity or graphic content, Instagram removed the post after it was flagged as offensive by homophobic morons. Upset by the absurd double standard of PDA to which straight and gay couples are held, Veronica and Jana started the hashtag #Yosoloveoamor or “All I see is love” to show pride in their gay relationships. Then homophobic trolls flagged that hashtag, and it was banned. Veronica and Jana have started a new hashtag. While I am skeptical of any and all gay couples trying to pass off their desire for followers as a selfless act of LGBTQ activism, I agree that Instagram’s content shouldn’t be determined by bigots. They need a better system for determining which flagged posts are actually offensive. Bots can’t discern homophobic agendas.


Cara Delevingne Has Big Plans For 2018



Cara Delevingne hosted a fabulous Christmas party that I was not invited to. A Vanity Fair reporter was, and she got to chat with Cara about present and future. A few highlights:


Cara Delevingne is starring in an upcoming Amazon series called Carnival Row. She says “It’s a neo-Victorian fantasy world overrun with mythical, magical, mystical creatures. I play a fairy whose land has been taken by humans and has been forced to work as a servant.” Her New Year's resolutions include writing more, stopping biting her lips, becoming a vegetarian, and finishing an album. She hopes young people will speak up more, even if it’s painful. She looks insanely hot in Tartan.


Lea Delaria Models Plus Size Leather Jackets



Actress. Butch. Plus size model. Lea Delaria is truly a triple threat. The Orange Is The New Black star is fronting label All67’s latest campaign for a line of size-inclusive leather jackets. Leather jackets are cool and lesbians look especially cool while wearing them, so I applaud this indie label making a leather jacket that comfortably fits sizes up to 30. The jackets retail for around $500, so that’s a bummer, but you really can’t find a solid leather jacket for less than $200 and it is an investment piece. Check the collection out here.


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