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Kristen Stewart Spends Night With Her Ex

Plus Charice comes out as trans man "Jake Zyrus."



Kristen Stewart Spends Night With Ex

KStew and Stella: trouble in paradise? Via Instagram

Kristen Stewart was busted spending the night with longtime ex Alicia Cargile. As LOTL Confidential readers know, Stewart is in a very public relationship with model/uber blonde Stella Maxwell. This brings to mind one of my favorite Florida maxims: “For every beautiful woman, there’s someone sick of fucking her.” Here’s what happened: Paparazzi from Radar photographed Stewart entering Cargile’s house, then leaving the next morning in the same outfit. If you’re tempted to say, “We can’t know the whole story, let’s not judge,” I recommend you imagine your reaction if it was your girlfriend caught spending the night at her ex’s. Would you wait for an explanation? That’s what I thought.


Glee Alum Charice Comes Out As Trans Man “Jake Zyrus”

Welcome, Jake! Via Instagram

The singer formerly known as Charice is now Jake Zyrus. Mazeltov! The internet sensation turned Glee Alum took to social media to announce his transition. He changed his Instagram and Twitter handles to @JakeZyrus. “My first tweet as Jake. Overwhelmed. Saw all your love comments and I’m so happy. Finally. I love you, everyone and see you soon,” Jake tweeted. Later, he followed up with thanks to the outpouring of support from fans and followers. Jake added on Instagram, “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the love and respect. I love you back and I’m sending peace to everyone.”


St. Vincent Goes On Tour Again Finally

St. Vincent is going on tour! After zooming to superstardom (and Cara Delevingne's pants) following her 2014 debut, St. Vincent toured and then kinda disappeared, only playing a handful of shows in 2016. Her new tour, entitled “Fear The Future” will take place worldwide between August and December 2017. Her sophomore album is also due later this year. St. Vincent announced her tour in a video, which you can watch above.


Halsey Covers Paper’s Pride Issue

Damn Halsey, back at it again with the red leotard. Via Instagram

Halsey was on the cover of Paper’s Pride Issue and took aim at a lesbian Buzzfeed reporter who dared analyze Halsey’s representation of queer women with anything less than gushing adulation. Halsey and Paper Magazine got to the root of that very bad, mean lesbian not regarding Halsey as our Lord and queer saviour: BIPHOBIA. Obvs. Let’s take to the quote:


It was interesting to me because, for a lesbian writer, it seemed really bi-phobic. It seemed like, “Well, I don’t wanna claim her because she’s dated a guy, or because she’s doing this romantic collaboration with a guy.” And then she’s like, “Well, she hangs out with all these dudes, so is she fucking all of them or is she pretty much just a Lez Bro?” Obviously, she didn’t say it in those words, but she did actually say “Lez Bro.” There’s bi-phobia from the straight community and from the LGBT community. There’s a lack of acceptance. It happens in TV all the time when people write bisexual characters as going through a phase or struggling with something. It’s part of some mental breakdown or rebellion storyline, and that just sucks.


Look, I adore Halsey. I think she’s talented and strong and badass. But it is not biphobic every time a lesbian criticizes a bisexual. I think it’s really damaging for bisexual women to perpetuate the notion that lesbians are mean, biphobic bitches and they are beautiful victims who just want to be free to get that D. Biphobia exists, but so does lesbophobia, and if you think any lesbian who does a queer analysis on you is biphobic, you’re being a little lesbophobic. See? We can throw the big bad words around too.


Roxane Gay Discusses Coming Out as a Lesbian, Then As A Bisexual

Love You, Roxane. Via Instagram

In a super heavy interview with NPR about her new book “Hunger: A Memoir of My Body,” Roxane Gay talked about coming out as a lesbian even though she knew, deep down, she was bisexual. Gay’s experiences were also warped by a brutal gang rape she suffered at 12 and a lot of trauma. Here’s the quote:


When I came out I knew it wasn't the whole truth. I knew that I was also still attracted to men, but I was so scared of me that I just thought, "OK, I'm just going to find some safe harbor here," and so I wanted to be the best lesbian I could so that maybe that would make my attraction to men go away...No community has been more welcoming to me, and when I needed community the most, [that] community was there for me. It was like discovering water for the first time, discovering clean air for the first time — to be seen, and to be appreciated and to be thought of as sexy and beautiful, it was just invaluable and I will never, ever forget the ways in which I was embraced by my community as I came out.


Fetch me a tissue. Thank you, Roxane Gay, we love you. Solidarity, darling.


New Documents Corroborate That Johnny Depp Abused Amber Heard

Amber Heard: strong, bi, living her best life without an abusive dick. Via Instgram

Depp and Heard’s divorce may be final, but thanks to Depp’s ongoing manager drama, details of their messed up marriage keep dribbled out and into our gaping, waiting ears. Nom nom gossip. People obtained court documents asserting that Depp’s managers KNEW he abused Heard, and knew he covered it up. “[Joel Mandel, one of the managers,] was informed well after the fact through communications with various house staff and security that Depp had been extremely volatile and had sometimes ‘gotten physical’ with Heard,” the actor’s former managers claim in legal docs filed in May. “Mandel was also later informed that Depp had violently kicked Heard during an incident that took place in or around 2014,” the docs add.


Depp’s downfall is a long time coming. Growing up, I loved Johnny Depp. I adored him. He was so beautiful and funny and eccentric. But it’s clear now that Depp is an asshole. And it’s hard for us, as the public, to reconcile our idea of someone and their ugly reality. We have to. We can’t put our blinders on. We can’t let talented men hurt women and still praise them. That’s been going on for a really long time in Hollywood and the art world and it needs to stop.


Ruby Rose Is A Smoking Singer In Pitch Perfect 3

You can rip alliteration from my cold, dead hands. The trailer for Pitch Perfect 3: Fan Service Forever just dropped, and it features Ruby Rose playing a mean, sexy rocker girl who goes head to head with the Aca-whatevers in a concert for the troops? That involves a competition? And explosions? Idk, the plot is not like Chinatown per se but it looks like a ton of fun. Yay for Ruby Rose getting solid acting work. 



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