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Kristen Has A New Face And Mariah From Sister Wives’ Gets Her First Girlfriend

Plus a lesbian Power Ranger.



Kristen Stewart is the face of Chanel’s new makeup

Chanel released new photos of Kristen Stewart modeling their upcoming luxurious and hideously expensive line of eye makeup. What a world we live in when a skater girl who is like “so gay” is modeling moody eye makeup. While “OMBRE PREMIÈRE” looks nice, in my opinion no eyeliner is worth $42. Check out the photos here.


Olympic Snowboarder Sarka Pancochova came out


She’s stoked brah.


The Yellow Power Ranger is now gay


There’s a new power rangers movie coming out because nothing is sacred. Becky G, a fresh face pop tartlet known for singing a song that was in Minions, will be playing the role of Trini aka the yellow power ranger. She will be a lesbian.


Mariah from Sister Wives has a girlfriend!

The daughter of polygamists (an alternative lifestyle disapproving of other alternative lifestyles) has a girlfriend. She is dating Audrey Kriss, a fellow college student at Westminister College in Utah. Good for you, Utah girls!


Congressman Sird Rachel Maddow


She responded with a hearty cackle. As the Trump tax debacle proved this week, Maddow is laughing to the bank and has no time or fucks for anything else.


Woman cleared of bottling lesbian lover in naked scrap over injured kitten

Via Facebook/DailyStar

A girl in England (Remember when you were classy? No? C’mon Britannia) came home to find her kitten squashed by her girlfriend while her girlfriend was sleeping. She then proceeded to clobber her girlfriend with a vodka bottle. This sad yet exceptional story has a happy ending: the kitten lived after emergency surgery and the girl got off with a slap on the wrist according to The Daily Star.


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