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Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko Made A Music Video I Actually Like, KStew Spotted Near R-Patz

Plus St. Vincent "will love Cara Delevingne forever"



St. Vincent: 'I'll love Cara Delevingne forever'


source: instagram


In a new interview with Stella Magazine, St. Vincent opened up about Cara Delevingne with words tailor-made to generate headlines while saying nothing interesting. It’s so St. Vincent. Here are her words: "I love her voice. She's one of the most naturally talented people I've ever met... She's wonderful. I've never met a person more charismatic," the singer added meh-ingly. "I've never seen a person walk into a room and command the attention, not because she's trying, just because she burns brighter than everyone else. And she is just fundamentally a good person. She's uncorrupted by fame... I'll love her forever and ever."

If that’s all you have to say about your ex-girlfriend, you are full of shit. But ok! Good for you, Anne!


Kehlani And Hayley Kiyoko Made A Queer Song And Video I Actually Like


Because my heart is filled with hate and my stomach is covered with cellulite, I seldom share my gay media brethren's ecstatic reception for whatever gay pop strumpet single is currently being shoved down our throats. I find most pop songs aimed at gay people to be saccharine, mediocre, and crassly marketed as some sort of great LGBT martyrdom rather than a commercial jingle. BUT. BUT BUT. Even I cannot find flaw with Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko’s “What I Need.” It is a good song and the video, god damn it, DIS VIDEO RIGHT HERE is the real shit. The good shit. I smiled. I felt. I loved. They gots me. Let them gets you.


Adorable Lesbian Proposal Proves The Urge To Merge


A lesbian proposal went viral this week because it is too cute for words. I won’t spoil the big twist for you but trust me... THERE’S a twist. And it’s oh so gay. Watch above.


Kristen Stewart Hangs Out With Her Old Beard R-Patz But Not Really



Do ya’ll hang out with the last guy you dated before switching to women? I don’t. They hate me because I was mean to them because I hated their man bodies. What can you do? Kristen Stewart is obviously a kinder queer than me in addition to being better looking and famous, because she was spotted hanging out with Robert Pattinson for the first time since their acrimonious breakup. You know, the one where she cheated on him with a married dude director and then started sleeping with her dykey female assistant who turned out to not be her assistant, just her girlfriend. The good old days!


The Daily Mail photographed the two attending the same party for Lily Rose Depp at Chateau Marmont and breathlessly reported that the two are considering a reunion, still attracted to each other. Never mind that the photographs don’t even show the two talking to each other, just talking to other people a few feet away. Never mind that Kristen Stewart is dating Stella Maxwell. THE SPARKS FLY. FROM A DISTANCE. SANS EYE CONTACT. OR INTERACTION.


Sarah Paulson And Cate Blanchett Are The Best Friends I Never Had In New Interview


Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett rolled up to Today acting a wonderful fool. They seemed a little high but that could also be a product of the stupefying exhaustion of a twelve hour press day filled with answering the same inane question over and over again. Whatever the reason, Sarah and Cate decided to make things interesting by chortling non stop, faux feuding, and sitting on each others lap. I’m not someone to say “YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIRAL VID OF YOUR FAV STARS BEING SUH RELATABLE” but this is cute and a great way to waste time.


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