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Kate McKinnon Gets An Emmy And A New Girlfriend, Lena Waithe Makes History

Plus, Demi Lovato might have a girlfriend.


Demi Lovato Might Be Dating Lauren Abedini

New photos of Demi Lovato and DJ Lauren Abedini holding hands and butts are sparking rumors that the two women are dating. A fan spotted Lauren and Demi looking ultra cozy at Disneyland in September and shared the photos on Twitter. Demi Lovato has never confirmed her bisexuality, but she’s sure as hell hinted at it. Ruby Rose confirmed the two hooked up several years ago, and Demi Lovato’s deeply terrible summer hit “Cool for the Summer” hinted at hooking up with girls while sputtering a litany of idiotic bisexual stereotypes. Demi Lovato’s response to all this kerfuffle? She doesn’t want to put a label on herself... But if you’re curious, you can watch her new documentary (about herself), which is miraculously coming out next month.



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good morning to demi lovato and her possible girlfriend and no one else






Demi Lovato has long teased the public about her sexuality, never confirming or denying while also strongly implying. DJ Lauren Abedini, also known as KITTENS, is out, and recently dated Angel Haze. That indicates this isn’t a case of two straight girls being super-friendly. I’m guessing Demi Lovato is waiting until her documentary drops to finally confirm her bisexuality. Savvy.


Lena Waithe Is First Black Woman To Win Emmy For Comedy Writing


Lena Waithe is the first black woman, and the third woman ever to win an Emmy for comedy writing (she is preceded only by Ellen DeGeneres and Tina Fey). This is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. How wonderful that a black, gay woman finally won, but how horrifying that only three women in HISTORY have won Emmys for comedy writing. That’s appalling. We must keep pushing for diversity, keep pressuring Hollywood to include people who aren’t straight, white, men, and not to just pay the empty lip service they’ve been getting away with for years. Note that Lena was the only woman nominated in the category this year, and she was nominated alongside a man.


Lena Waithe won the Emmy, alongside Aziz Ansari, for writing Master of None’s beautiful “Thanksgiving” episode. She spoke directly to the LGBTQIA community in her acceptance speech, saying "I see each and every one of you. The things that make us different, those are our superpowers. Every day when you walk out the door and put on your imaginary cape and go out there and conquer the world... because the world would not be as beautiful as it is if we weren't in it."


Rosie ODonnell’s Ex Wife Michelle Rounds Commits Suicide

In a tragic turn of events, Michelle Rounds, 46, committed suicide on September 11th, in her Florida home. She is survived by wife Krista Monteleone, their daughter, her stepson, and Dakota, the four-year-old daughter she shared with Rosie.


Michelle and Rosie married in 2012 and split two years later, inciting a custody battle over Dakota that Rosie eventually won. During that fight, Michelle attempted suicide by overdose. Her obituary describes Michelle as “a very loving, giving and caring individual who would help anyone in their time of need” and notes that she “will be remembered for her beautiful smile and beautiful long flowing red hair; her signature some would say. The love she had for her family and friends was unconditional.”


Miley Cyrus’s New Song Might Be About Ex Stella Maxwell



Is Miley Cyrus’s latest song about Stella Maxwell? Signs point to yes. The singer released a fifteen-second clip of “She’s Not Him” on Instagram. In it, Miley sings “She’s not him/No matter what you say/no matter what you do/I just can’t fall in love with you/cuz you…” While it’s tough to tell without hearing the full song, “She’s Not Him” sounds like a song about being unable to get over your ex-boyfriend with a new girlfriend. I fully approve of this original new addition to “I can’t get over my ex” genre. Miley’s new album, “Younger Now,” drops on September 19th.


Kate McKinnon Has A New Girlfriend And A New Emmy


Kate McKinnon is killing it, personally and professionally. She won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in A Comedy Series for spectacular performance as Hillary Clinton on SNL. The night was made even sweeter by the presence of Jackie Abbott, Kate McKinnon’s new girlfriend, who accompanied her to the event. Since Jackie is an actor and artist, creeping on her is easy thanks to her oh-so-helpful website. Abbott has credits in “Miss Sugar Tit” and “Murder, My Tweet,” and her special skills include golf, Argentine tango, clowning, and two different types of martial arts: Eskrima and Capoeira. Girl has hobbies AND bone structure. 


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