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Cara Delevingne Was Sexually Harassed By Harvey Weinstein

Plus, the sexual harassment ripple effect.


Cara Delevingne Recounts Homophobic Sexual Harassment from Harvey Weinstein



Harvey Weinstein spent years sexually harassing and assaulting women. Since the New York Times initially broke the story, dozens of women in the entertainment industry have come forward with horrifying accounts of sexual abuse at the hands of the once powerful producer. Joining the chorus came Cara Delevingne, whose experience with Harvey Weinstein reflects a common truth for queer women: that many men view female homosexuality as only acceptable when it pleasures, benefits, and involves men.


Cara Delevingne shared her story on Instagram. You can read her full story in the caption above. To summarise: Harvey Weinstein called Cara Delevingne to tell her that if she was with a woman publicly, or identified as a lesbian, her career in Hollywood would be over. Later, he tried to make her and another actress kiss, for him, in his office, alone. When she tried to leave, Harvey Weinstein kissed her.


Weinstein went out of his way to homophobically threaten Cara Delevingne's career because she publicly dated women. Then he attempted to force her and another woman to sexually perform for his pleasure. Then he tried to assault her. He, like so many men, made it clear that female queerness is only acceptable in private, for the pleasure of a man. His brand of homophobia, sexism, and sexual harassment isn’t rare. It’s terribly common. It’s the most ordinary thing in the word.



Lesbian Producer Isa Hackett Alleges Sexual Harassment From Amazon Exec Roy Price

photo credit: VIA IMDB


And now we return to sexual harassment. Sorry! I didn’t do it. Who did it? Allegedly Amazon Programming Chief Roy Price. To a lesbian producer. Womp. Here’s what happened: On July 10, 2015, The Man in High Castle Producer Isa Hackett met Roy Price at a private dinner during ComiCon. He asked her to attend an Amazon party later in the evening, and they shared a taxi to the event. Once inside the cab, Hackett says that Price aggressively, repeatedly sexually harassed her, propositioning and insisting “You will love my dick.” Moment for everyone to go throw up a little. You back? Cool. It continues.


Hacket told Price that she was gay, married, a mother, and absolutely not interested in his dick. Or the man attached. Did Price listen? Of course not. Because as we’ve learned, when a lesbian says, “I’m a lesbian and not interested in men” to a man, men take that as “Pursue me more you dick swinging sex sailor, oh yeah, I want you.” Men speak their own language and that language is called “Pathetic delusion.” Ask your nearest MRA for a sticky, sad dictionary. Or don’t, because you don’t fucking want to know.


Hackett says Price ignored her rejection and continued sexually harassing her for the entire cab ride, and then continued at the Amazon party. In a frankly bizarre, creepy twist, Price apparently snuck up to Hackett while she was speaking to other people, creeped close, and loudly said “Anal sex!” in her ear, like a goddamn idiot pervert man baby loser. I know there’s probably a more well constructed, cutting insult, but Price is so clearly an idiot pervert man baby loser.


Hackett then reported the incident to Amazon immediately, doing exactly what women are supposed to do in these situations. AND HOW DID THAT TURN OUT???? Guess. NO really guess. You ready? Okay, you’re not going to believe this BUT a SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR was brought in and found...no one knows! But nothing happened. Price kept his job, Hackett was never informed of the results of the inquiry, and Price simply did not come to events involving Hackett’s show. It was, to use a cliche (because this is such a cliche) swept under the rug.


Until this week. When, inspired by the women standing up to Weinstein, Hackett went public in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter. After doing nothing about the allegations for two years, Amazon miraculously had a change of heart within three hours of the story’s publication, when they notified The Hollywood Reporter that Price had been suspended. He will likely not return to his job as head of Amazon Studios, a job he earned entirely on his own merits, particularly the merit of being the son of Frank Price, who ran Columbia Pictures and Universal Studios. His fiancee just called off the wedding.


This is why we need to talk about sexual harassment and publicly name our harassers. Because if we don’t, nothing will change. No one will pay. It will never end.



St. Vincent Drops New Album, ‘Masseducation’



At long last, St. Vincent has released a new album called “MASSEDUCATION,” because THINK SHEEPLE. Reviews are generally positive, with critics calling calling “Masseducation” deeply personal pop with incisive cultural commentary and revealing insight in the mind of Annie Clark. Check out the music video off the album, “Los Angeles,” above. You can stream the full album now on Spotify.



Ilene Chaiken Says L Word Reboot Will Be More Inclusive, Hints At Dana Fairbanks Return

PHoto credit: via showtime


We were teased with an L Word reboot months ago, but there’s been little word of the reality since those initial headlines broke. In a new interview with TV Guide, Ilene Chaiken hinted at more details of the new and improved (we hope) L Word. "We've made progress, we've backslid in some ways, we've gotten older, some of us, and there are new young women whose stories we're going to tell, Chaiken revealed, “But I will say that The L Word in 2018 will be more reflective, more inclusive than the original show we did." This confirms that there will be new leading characters in The L Word, and they will probably not be thin, feminine, white women. Like you, Chaiken misses Dana Fairbanks, who gutted us all by dying of breast cancer. "I hope we'll be seeing Erin Daniels [who played Dana Fairbanks] on the show," Chaiken said. "I love Erin Daniels, and maybe there's some way — who knows. I've never let go of Dana and neither has the audience... maybe we will [see her]."



Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Hasn’t Named Her Rapists



Back to our sexual assault after school special. Sorry if that sounds flippant. I’m just trying to cope, ya’ll. Anyhoo, Evan Rachel Wood spoke out about her assault in an emotional new YouTube video inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal. While Wood encourages and applauds other women for naming their abusers, she can’t bring herself to do the same. “People are wondering why women don’t come forward sooner or why they come out in numbers is because it’s safer. They don’t feel safe enough to do so, period,” Wood explained. “I’m guilty of this as well because I have not named my abusers not because I don’t plan on saying these people’s names eventually but because to start that process is an emotionally draining, financially draining, really everything draining thing to do and to go through. I want to do it … when I’m ready.”


Watch the video above for Wood’s full comments. They’re worth a listen.



Margaret Cho Kicks Off Her First Post-Rehab Tour

photo credit: via instagram


Margaret Cho is Fresh outta rehab and kicking off a new comedy tour called “Fresh off the Bloat.” In a new interview with The Washington Post, Cho talked severe comedy, politics, and the Trump era. “I think that’s the best, when it’s just really harsh and honest,” said Cho, “There’s a lot of brutality and severity, and that’s what I’m always fighting to get to... This time, I’m talking about being fresh off drugs, drinking and on the brink of suicide and I’ve come back to life,” she continued, “I’ve finally been fished out of the River Styx.” Cho entered rehab in 2016 after her friends held a surprise intervention. She’s spent the last year healing and reflecting. “I just kind of dropped out [of society], and I think getting away is fabulous. You learn how to find a place for self-care, whatever that looks like — so for me, it was all about trying to find a way to live in the real world.”



AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a fluffy gossip column. I try to keep it light, because the world can be terribly dark, and we all need a break from the bad news. However, several of our celebrity stories are linked to the sexual harassment scandals rocking Hollywood. LGBTQ women, including celebrities, experience a unique kind of sexual harassment laced with homophobia and sexism. We are made to be sexual objects without our consent. Our relationships with other women are intruded upon by men seeking to turn our sexuality into their pleasure toy. When we reject these unwanted advances, men lash out. They say we have no sense of humour, that we’re too ugly to get a man, that it’s wrong to be with another woman unless it’s really for a man, that we’re man hating dykes, that there’s something wrong with us. They use their words and bodies to force themselves into our space. They let us know that we exist for them.


How many Curve readers have experienced similar sexual harassment? How many of you have encountered men who view your sexual orientation as an invitation? How many gay women have been propositioned even after they tell a man they are only interested in women? How many of you have been sexually harassed by men when you kiss a woman? Or even held her hand in public? How many of you have been threatened by a man you reject?  How many have lashed out when you refused to consent?


If you want to, please share your experiences, either in the comments, FB, or tweet me. Women around the world are using this moral travesty to share their stories of sexual harassment. I’d like to make sure LGBTQ women are heard. I’ve experienced everything I wrote about above, and I’ve experienced it many times, and I am worse for it. We should talk about this. We should share our experiences. We should support each other, and we should work to stop this shit, because it will never end unless we join together and fight.


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