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Angel Haze Is Back, Rosie O'Donnell Crashes GLAAD Awards

Plus Halsey and Lauren Jauregui are collaborating.



Miley Cyrus Explains Her Gender-Fluid Femininity



In a new interview with Billboard, Miley described her fluctuating queer style: “I’m a little bit boyish, but I can also be super femme and dress as a bunny rabbit. Who I’m with has nothing to do with sex — I’m super open, pansexual, that’s just me.


Cyrus also hopes that her bold queer presence on The Voice positively impacts mainstream American viewers, as well as showing love to people upset by the 2016 election.


“By sitting there after the election in head-to-toe pink, while on the inside being a gender-neutral, ­sexually fluid person, hopefully, that was saying ­something. I needed some sparkle in my life, to make me able to deal. Radiating love is ­something that is important to me — ­hopefully, that is being political.”


I wouldn’t call wearing sparkles political per se and in my L.A. experience, people who describe themselves as “radiating love” are terrifying. But I like Cyrus and appreciate her candor and outfits.


Rosie ODonnell Texts Trump At The GLAAD Awards



I have complex feelings about Rosie O’Donnell. As a nineties kid, she will forever be an icon of the cinematic perfection that was Now & Then and Harriet The Spy. On the other hand, her poetry makes me profoundly uncomfortable. She’s a loud-mouthed lesbian trailblazer who can nurse a grudge and I respect the hell out of that. Ro Ro had beef with Donald Trump long before 56 percent of Americans had beef with Donald Trump. And when he went hard at Ro Ro, she came back harder, and THAT is what makes Rosie O’Donnell a queen among lemmings. Anyways, the GLAAD Media Awards in New York happened on May 6, and O’Donnell made a surprise appearance and texted Trump from the stage. Her message? Short and vicious. “F— you, Donald. From the gays.”


Queers Sweep MTV Movie Awards


The MTV Movie Awards happened and were relentlessly in tune with the *youths*. What do the youths like? QUEERS. GENDER NEUTRALITY. What do the youths get? QUEERS. GENDER NEUTRALITY. MTV actually did a pretty good job of repping queer culture on the national stage. Asia Kate Dillon, TV’s first non-binary actor, made headlines a few weeks ago by asking the Emmys to create gender neutral categories. I had mixed feelings about that because I feared “gender-neutral awards” might mean “more prizes for the cis men overlords.” Well, butter my biscuit because MTV went ahead and did away with gendered awards categories. And guess who won? Hermione MOTHERFUCKING Granger. Asia Kate Dillon presented the award for Best Actor to Emma Watson for her performance in the mega hit Beauty and The Beast.


Kristen Stewart And Stella Maxwell Have Semi-Officially Shacked Up



The actress and model are notoriously private, so it’s not like we can just look at Stewart’s Instagram and see a #uhauling #lovemybae confirmation. However, a source close to Maxwell told US Weekly that they have moved in together. According to US:


“Though Maxwell still maintains an apartment in New York City, adds the source, “she spends all of her time” at the 27-year-old Twilight alum’s four-bedroom spread in L.A.’s Los Feliz neighborhood.”


Full-Length OITNB Trailer Drops


I feel like they’re dropping a new trailer like every week and we’re supposed to be like “OMG A NEW OITNB TRAILER.” Well, guess what? IT WORKED.


Chocolate Remix Is A Lesbian Reggaeton Rebel


“Hey macho reggaeton man, listen to what I say / You don’t know about women / A woman prefers two well-placed fingers.”


So sings Chocolate Remix, a lesbian reggaeton artist, on her single “Lo Que Las Mujeres Quieren". Known as “Choco” for short, the singer is setting fire to Buenos Aires’ notoriously macho music culture with her satirical lyrics that skewer machismo and boast about the joys of lesbian sex. Her latest album is straight up called Sátira (Satire). Head over to The Guardian to read the full profile of this exceptionally original, latinx lesbian artist.


Halsey And Lauren Jauregui Are Collaborating

Halsey and Lauren Jauregui (of Fifth Harmony fame) are arguably the most successful bisexual pop singers today. So it makes sense that they’re collaborating on a new song called “Strangers” on Halsey’s upcoming album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. "I think I've never heard a song, and I may be wrong, of two openly LGTB women singing a love story to each other on Top 40 radio," Halsey told Beats One. That’s great—but does anyone think it’s weird that a bisexual artist rearranged the letters in “LGBT” to make the “B” come last? I guess she’s being modest? During that interview, Halsey dropped “Eyes Closed,” the second single from her sophomore album. Take a listen here!


Angel Haze Is Finally Back


The phenomenal pansexual rapper (who I once got to hang out with on a helipad for an article, NBD), released a new track after several years. They opened up with Billboard about their struggles with pansexuality:

“Oh my god, that s–t is crazy because it still exists in my day-to day life—knowing what Christians or the world may perceive as wrong, is a part of me. I fight myself sometimes on whether or not I just want to be straight, or just be f–king gay so that I can get it all over with. It’s a push and a pull, definitely.”


Angel discussed their struggles to accept their pansexuality and the struggles they see in their queer fans:


“When I was young because I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t understand that I could be attracted to men and women at the same time. I went through a lot of s–t. It really takes a toll on you. I have a lot of fans who are lesbian and gay, or even just queer in general. Everybody needs to have patience with themselves. At the end of the day, all of our opinions are informed by the pressures of other people.”


Samira Wiley And Lauren Morelli Honeymoon In Italy



After tying the knot in Palm Springs, Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli jetted off to Italy. Wiley shared a few super cute snaps on her Instagram before returning to L.A. Wiley and Morelli recently spoke to ET about the honeymoon and same-sex couple terminology: "We keep debating how to pronounce it," Morelli said. "Samira wants to be 'wifes.” "I keep saying that if we're 'wives' then that just means that we have two husbands somewhere and we're just hanging out," Wiley joked.


Cara Delevingne Did NOT Get a Scalp Tattoo



Despite the many misleading headlines that just wasted several minutes of my diamond-precious time, Cara did not accessorize her freshly buzzed scalp with a new tattoo. She did get a temporary head tattoo for the Met Ball because FASHION. Check it out above.


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