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Androgyny and Bisexuality Are Hot Again

From Lady Gaga to China’s “boy” band, the mainstream doesn’t want to let us go. Or does it?


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Is Lady Gaga Bisexual Or An Ally?

Lady Gaga used to identify as bi. Now she calls herself an ally. What happened? The Advocate published this article, fascinating and, yes, provocative examination of Lady Gaga’s changing identity. It asks the question nobody wants to ask, because we’re afraid a) Of sounding biphobic or b) Of angering a vocal and powerful celebrity. Yet it does seem strange that a bisexual woman would repeatedly refer to herself as an LGBTQ ally. It seems ridiculous to think it’s an expression of “internalized biphobia” or “feeling like bisexuality doesn’t belong in the LGBTQ community.” It’s the third letter. Lady Gaga is knowledgeable enough about LGBTQ issues to KNOW that being a bisexual woman puts her SMACK DAB inside the LGBTQ community. I can’t imagine anyone less likely to display biphobia, internalized or otherwise, than Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has never had a public relationship with a woman, and has not spoken about or identified as a bisexual for several years. Has she changed her mind? Is this going to be another Jesse J situation?


I realize some of you will think this is an intrusive, inappropriate question. Yet Lady Gaga has made her alliance to the LGBTQ community a primary part of her music and persona. To be blunt: she’s made a lot of money off us, she’s done a lot of good for us, and she’s never held back before. Why start now?


China’s Hottest Boy Band Is Androgynous Girls Because God Loves me

Photo credit: Acrush


There’s a hot new pop group soaring outta China. Acrush, a “boy band” that debuted earlier this month, boasts one major difference from other pop outlets. It’s made up of girls made up to look like boys. Or, more accurately, like lesbians. Short hair, boys clothing, makeup free sans the occasional smoky Shane eye, and cocky smirks. Acrush is dressed like half the fucbois in West Hollywood.


According to Quartz Magazine, who interviewed the group’s agent Zhou Xiaobai, Acrush is “A group advocating freedom, not bounded by frames.”


Xiaobai handpicked each member of Acrush last year in a nationwide talent search. After a few months of training, Lu Keran, An Junxi, Peng Xichen, Min Junqian and Lin Fan (aged 18-21) became the five members of Acrush. All five members were supposedly dressing “like boys” far before the casting call was sent out.


Here’s where we’re reminded that Acrush is not five lesbian hotties who decided to jam out. “21-year-old Lu, captain of Acrush, says some female fans send love letters to her, but “of course I won’t like fans back.” She says the company doesn’t allow her to discuss her own or her teammates’ sexual orientations.” This is absolutely a manufactured pop outfit with a gimmick that hints at and even caters to lesbianism without acknowledging the existence of homosexuality. This may have started as a capitalistic attempt to out-gimmick the K-Pop stars, but it’s a bunch of girls who look like lesbians being accepted by the mainstream Chinese music scene and embraced by young Chinese women. Representation has to start somewhere.



British Soccer Lesbians Break Into Jealous Bar Brawl



I love the British. I really do. If I could go back to 1776 and stop the American Revolution I absolutely would just so I too could be part of this beautiful, drunken cultural heritage. Several lesbian members of the “Arsenal Ladies” and “Millwall Lionesses” incited a fight that poured out into the street, resulting in stitches and legal action. It all started when Frankie Strugnell of Millwall flirted with her teammate, Leah Jones. Alas, Ms. Jones was dating Arsenal player Jemma Rose, who flipped out and started the brawl. Millwall’s coach ended up getting five stitches, Rose and Jones split, and Strugnell is no longer playing for Millwall. What a fun romp.


Raven Is Starring In Reboot of That’s So Raven



This seems unnecessary. Was The View that bad, girl? According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The series will pick up with Raven and Chelsea, who are now divorced single mothers raising their two separate families in one chaotic but fun household full of friends. When one of Raven's kids begins to show signs that they have inherited her trait of catching glimpses of the future, the already hectic household gets turned upside down, keeping even Raven on her toes.” Nostalgia is a heady narcotic.


Alison Bechdel Named Vermont Cartoonist Laureate

That’s so Vermont.


Jenna Lyons Leaves J.Crew

The lesbian reign of J.Crew is no more. Hang the black silk tapestries, slaughter a fattened calf, and lay kindling upon the funeral pyre. All is done. The khakis have forsaken us.


Halsey Drops First Song From Upcoming Album


Halsey made her directorial debut in the music video... I’m sorry, a *short film* for her new single, “Now or Never.” Below is my recap.

Rasputin preaches love and peace to diverse acolytes. Halsey and aforementioned acolytes. Some wear all white and some wear colors. Those are the teams. Halsey is TEAM COLOR. She is wearing a gold bikini top, teal ringlets, and a kimono. A beautiful dreadlocked man is TEAM WHITE. They kiss. They have sex. He has a bee pendant. The bee symbol is important. They drive through the streets in vintage cars. But not the same vintage cars. Because they’re not on the same team. Halsey is scared. She yells at her model friend/fellow TEAM COLOR member. She loves him (dreadlocked guy). I know that because she screamed “I love him.” Not a subtle film. Halsey has her fortune told by a soothsayer in a plague mask. He prophesies a pure perfect love that is doomed because of “interference.” The planets maybe align or misalign it’s difficult to know. The cars sit across from each other. TEAM COLOR and TEAM WHITE have a gunfight. Everyone in Halsey’s car is shot except for her. She escapes on a motorcycle and gives herself a haircut while crying. This, in my personal experience, is a poor idea. BEE SYMBOL. The End. BZZZZZ.


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