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Connecting Soul Beings

MapAnimal Communication and Soul Connection
PO Box 397

Earlwood, NSW 2206


Wouldn't it be interesting and exciting to know exactly what your pet is thinking and feeling? You are in the right place if you are ready to deepen your relationship with your self and with your pet. You will have me as your conduit, guide and teacher as I help you by tuning into your pet's frequency, bringing you both onto the same wavelength, so you experience harmony and love together.

What is Animal Communication?

Communicating with animals via telepathy; sharing of words, images, feelings, emotions, colours etc. The communication happens from a place of unconditional love via telepathy and intuitive connection. Reiki is also applied when needed, to balance energies, clear negative blockages, aches and pains and most of all to relax animals.

Here are some benefits of communicating with animals:-

It can help find out if your pet is happy and what makes them happy.
You are in a better position to understand your pet's behaviour towards people and/or other pets.
You will be able to understand and help with any nutritional needs.
During times of transitioning to the other side, you can support your pet and make the transition smooth and peaceful.
It will help you during times of grief and sadness.
You better understand their health issues.

How does a session work?

Communication can happen with the animal present, in their own environment or by distance via a photo of your animal.

Each session starts by asking your pet for permission to have a conversation and by telling them we love them. You can ask any questions you would like answers to. Your pet will share anything they need to tell you and will also be provided with Reiki Healing.

Sessions last anywhere between 20-60 minutes, depending how long your pet would like to talk. A session is always closed by thanking them for sharing and telling them we love them. All sessions are recorded for your later review.

Following the session we will talk about the findings and establish a plan of action to help you and your pet with anything that we discovered.

You can also learn to communicate with your animal yourself via one-to-one coaching or group workshops.

Find out what is best for you and your pet by having a chat, so feel free to call or email me.

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