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Lesbian Entrepreneur Develops a Product to Help Protect Pets

Meet Stephanie Boone, founder of Wondercide.


Stephanie Boone


Where she calls home:

Austin,TX is home sweet home.


Relationship status:

My wife and I have been together for over 10 years; but, since we didn’t think the right to marry would happen in our lifetime, we had a big wedding October, 2014 followed by a 3-week honeymoon in Italy. With the help of a donor, wewere pregnant by January, 2015 and then legally married July, 2015!


On the passage of marriage equality:

We were huge supporters, donors and advocates for the equal right to marry. We pay our taxes (twice if you count personal and business!), give back to our community, and have been in a loving, committed relationship longer than many hetero couples on their second marriage! Like other same-sex couples, we had all the responsibilities, but none of the benefits. Now that we are having a child, it’s even more important that we are recognized as a family and have legal rights surrounding and protecting us as family. Weare so grateful for those that sacrificed to pave the way for a better future and remember the lives lost in the battle. The fight isn’t over, but the law is on our side.


Field of work prior to founding Wondercide:

Prior to Wondercide, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to “be” when I grew up, but my profession was as a Real Estate Tax Consultant and Litigation Manager.


Why Wondercide:

We had just purchased our first home in the Galveston, TX area where bugs are active all year round. We had a pest control company treating our property as preventative maintenance (the “grown-up” thing to do) and our dogs were on veterinarian-prescribed monthly flea & tick drops. My 10-year-old dog Luna became deathly ill, and we learned she was in liver and kidney failure. It was a result of the neurotoxic poison we were putting on her and in our environment – all in the name of “protection.” Completely distraught,


I began researching and learned we were not alone in our experience. That’s when the light bulb went off: “There has to be a safe way to protect our family and home from pests without using chemical pesticides.” Only there wasn’t, so I quit my job, became a mad scientist, and devoted my life to solving this serious global problem.  


Role her partner plays in the business:

Like me, she started out answering the phone, filling, capping and labeling bottles, packing & shipping online orders, attending weekend events and farmers markets…all the typical grunt work for a CPG startup. Today, she is our Operations Manager but is transitioning out of the business to be a stay-at-home when our daughter is born in late October.


The benefits of Wondercide:

Wondercide is the truly safe and effective alternative to chemicals pesticides used on pets, families, and properties. We have a full suite of innovative products using only natural and organic ingredients, but eliminating unnecessary pesticide exposure is why we getup every day.


The target customer for Wondercide:

Women,because we are a brand made for women and by women. We are the protectors, the purchasers, the label-readers, and the decision-makers for our homes and families.  


Advice for readers wanting to start their own business or launch a product, service or brand:

Do your research, understand the competitive landscape without rose-colored glasses, and no matter what you find, don’t be intimidated if passion for a cause drives you. Launch the idea and validate demand with as little investment as possible. Scrappy entrepreneurs make fiscally responsible bosses. Be fearless in the pursuit of your vision. Find yourself in growth opportunities and compromising challenges – you’ll need the practice. Develop your communication and your compassion. Be humble. Decide without regret. Surround yourself with people who know more than you do. Be passionate about your cause, and it will be contagious. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Always remember where you started.


More information:

Wondercide products are available online at www.wondercide.com via Amazon Prime, and at over 500 retailers nationwide.


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