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Advertising Specifications

1. LOTL Magazine requires digital files be submitted for all print advertising. 

2. Materials submitted in non-digital form (i.e. film, velox, etc.) will be charged a copydot scanning fee of $250.

3. Please name your files with the advertisers name followed by the LOTL volume and issue number 

5. Full page ads must be assembled in Acrobat pdf format. Ads smaller than full page must be assembled in Macintosh Photoshop 6.0 (tif,jpg, or eps format) or Illustrator 8. 

6. Please send ads at 100% scale.

7. All fonts must be sent, including both the screen and the print (postscript) versions.

8. Do not use any True Type fonts, unless they have been converted to vectorial images 

10. Images must be high-resolution, 300 dpi preferred (at least 266 dpi). LOTL is output at 150 lpi. For art images, scan at the highest resolution possible. 

11. Shadows should not be darker than 90% black, and highlights must have a minimum of 5% black.

  Non Bleed in mm Bleed in mm
Full Page  210w x 297h 215w x 302h
DPS 420w x 297h 425w x 302h
1/2 Page (horizontal) 185w x 133h NA
1/2 Page (vertical )  90w x 271h NA
1/3 Page (vertical)  60w x 271h NA
1/4 Page (vertical)  90w x 133h NA
1/4 Page (horizontal)  185w x 64h NA
1/6 Page (vertical)  82w x 81.4h NA
Business Card 82w x 38.76h NA

Color Print Ads

Images must be converted to CMYK. No RGB images!

All color images must be saved in eps format only.

Please build colors using the Pantone Process Color Separation Booklet.

Black and White Print Ads

Photoshop images must be converted to grayscale. No RGB images!

All black-and-white images must be saved in tiff format.


All advertising is subject to the approval of the Publisher. Advertiser assumes complete liability for all contents of advertising appearing in LOTL Magazine and grants the Publisher complete immunity from all claims arising from the advertisement, regardless of who mechanically produces the advertisement or artwork. All advertising must be paid in full with the submission of digital artwork. With multiple insertion agreements, a deposit of one-half of the total agreement is due with the submission of digital artwork.

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